About Us


Since 1993, Zak has served Bay Area companies with nationwide facility needs, and has earned a reputation as a leader in IT Recycling and Data Security. We offer free pickups to enterprises, hospitals, universities, law firms, banks and government agencies. Zak follows a Zero Landfill policy with its audited downstream vendors, and issues Certificates of Compliant Destruction and Recycling to all of its customers. As NAID member, we provide full data destruction services to the NIST & DOD 5220.22-M standard. Our shredding facilities and full range of services are state-of-the-art. Licensed, Insured, Certified.


Commitment to: Secure Compliance. Innovation. Leadership.

Zak is committed to environmental stewardship, worker safety, optimizing value to clients, and eliminating data and information security risks as well as environmental compliance. Zak pursues an audited cradle-to-grave IT asset lifecycle management approach to shield its customers from legal risks associated with informational data leaks and environmental non-compliance.

Our Commitment to Corporate Compliance

At Zak Enterprises LLC, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We value integrity, fairness, and honest and ethical conduct. We have developed codes of conduct that embody our high ethical standards, and we are committed to operating our business, and conducting our relationships with customers and stakeholders, accordingly. With safety and value in mind, we ask and expect that our employees strictly adhere to these best practices standards.


Experienced. Committed. Focused.

Zak's staff represents a solid leadership base that is driven toward operational excellence. Our staff experience includes E-waste Management, Regulatory Compliance, Data Security, Data Center logistics and deprovisioning, and Enterprise Security. Zak has integrated best practices and industry benchmark standards into all areas of its operation.

Environmental Policy

Zak follows a Zero Landfill policy and issues Certificates of Compliant Destruction and Recycling to its customers. Based on our internal filing and reporting requirements, Zak regularly audits its downstream vendors to assure compliance and transparency and adheres to an R2 framework.