Certified Data Destruction

Data destruction is a vital security measure that most companies should have implemented into their asset management policy. It's the most effective means of protecting your company's interests and your customers' sensitive information.

What are Data Destruction Services?

Data destruction services typically involve one of three methods, including:

  • Software data wiping
  • Degaussing
  • Hard drive shredding

Software wiping is a process that uses a software-based wiping method that completely erases the data from the drive by making three to seven passes. Once complete, the drive's integrity is retained which allows it to be reused in another capacity or sold.

Degaussing is a process that involves passing the drives under or through a large, powerful magnet that renders the disc completely unreadable and no longer usable. The data is destroyed and the disc can no longer be accessed.

Hard drive shredding is the physical act of destroying the hard drives. The drives are placed into an industrial shredder which pulverizes them into tiny pieces.

What Kinds of Companies Need Data Destruction?

Virtually every company can benefit from destroying the data that's recorded on their unused computer hardware. From the financial sector to health industry, an abundance of recorded or stored information is very sensitive and if it falls into the wrong hands, it can severely compromise a company's integrity and public trust. The breach of confidentiality can also cause the company to face legal prosecution.

Typical scenarios where companies may have an increased need for data destruction include downsizing, moving, merging, equipment liquidation, asset recovery, infrastructure upgrading and any other scenario where an excess of unused computer equipment will be produced.

Secure Data Destruction

The DOD 5220.22-M standard is the accepted norm. This is the guideline that most reputable data destruction services will follow to ensure compliance with government regulations. To learn more about the D.O.D. standards and certified data destruction, please download our free white paper.

If you require secure, D.O.D. - compliant data destruction services, please contact Zak Enterprises at your earliest convenience.