Reverse Logistics

The reverse supply chain can be easy to overlook. Most any companies involved in the distribution of goods is concerned with just that – getting product to their customers and consumers – not getting it back. In truth, the reverse supply chain can be more than a necessary evil. Actively managed, your reverse supply chain can provide critical data that can be used to actually reduce returns. It also can be managed in a way that improves trading partner relationships, helps ensure regulatory compliance and furthers your organization's commitment to community programs and the environment.

Zak Enterprises suite of reverse logistics solutions are built on a foundation of technology, processes and operations infrastructure that have been honed over nearly 30 years to ensure your company extracts maximum value from its reverse supply chain.

Zak Enterprises reverse logistics solutions include:

  • Returns management
  • Facility network
  • Field services
  • Re-marketing
  • Supply chain consulting and analysis
  • Recall management